Stir It Up Bakery

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Grand Rapids, MI

Stir It Up provides meaningful employment to individuals with special needs through the operation of a premium bakery. Stir It Up is designed to provide a safe atmosphere where individuals can obtain skills, increase their confidence, and gain a sense of accountability and pride. Their goal is to provide a work environment where they can showcase their abilities, skills, and talents.

Stir It Up's values are reflected in everything they do and can be represented in the following words:

We see opportunity to improve lives
 of adults with special needs by providing them a valuable work experience. Our company is built on the concept of advocacy – to ‘Stir Up’ challenges, preconceived notions, and stereotypes towards individuals with special needs.

We see abilities in every individual. We provide resources, opportunities, training, and employment in order to empower individuals with special needs so they can reach their full potential.

We see the beauty in every individual. Every person is worthy of respect and fair treatment. We believe everyone is entitled to acceptance, a sense of belonging, and an opportunity to develop skills so that they can become a contributing member of the community.

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